The Top 5 Yoga Wear Trends 201810
Oct 29, 2018


The Top 5 Yoga Wear Trends To Watch

As a devoted yoga practitioner, you know that yoga wear can do more than help you move on the mat. Yoga wear can be seriously stylish, and cute yoga outfits look just as good at brunch as they do at the gym. If you want to stay looking your best in your yoga apparel, here are five trends you need to keep an eye on!

Yoga Wear Trends:

Yoga Leggings with Cell Phone Pockets

This is a trend we can really get behind, because it just makes life easier! Having your phone with you is a necessity for any tech-savvy gal on the go, but where are we supposed to keep them in old school leggings? Well — have no fear — many yoga leggings now have a cell phone pocket built into them.

This pocket can be sleek and discreet, yet secure enough to hold your device as you travel to and from class, eliminating the need for a gym bag if you want to roam footloose and fancy free! In line with this trend, we love the classic Manduka essential capri yoga leggings that feature not only four-way stretch for maximum flexibility, but also a convenient media pocket.

Bright Colors and Bold Prints

Everything's more fun with a pop of color, right? This yoga trend boasts loud colors and fun prints to spice up your yoga wardrobe and to really make a statement. Luckily, there are endless options out there to rise to this colorful occasion. One of our personal favorites is the astsw of the yoga tank top.Finally, you’d be hard-pressed to find prints bolder than that of the Om Shanti line - from bugs to unicorns to rainbow designs, they’re fun, exciting, and highly desirable.

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Crop Top Bras

Another fabulous trend that we’re currently loving in the world of yoga wear is crop top bras. These are not only a great fashion statement, but they’re a comfortable and practical piece to practice yoga in. These offer full coverage and come in a wide variety of colors and prints. One in line with this trend that we’re obsessed with is the Soybu Sol bra, which has a flattering design and functional features, such as adjustable and removable straps.

Shredded Tops and Bottoms

While you may not think of “shredded” clothing as something you’d want to buy, it is definitely a huge trend right now that makes quite the statement. From leggings to sweatshirts, messy cut outs are all the rage in yoga style. This trend started in late 2016, and it’s been too hot to ignore ever since then —  and we don’t see an end in sight! Jala’s Groove leggings are simple yet fashionable, and they totally spurred the trend!

Cut outs and Sheer Fabric

Speaking of cut outs, when you’re shopping all of the top yoga brands, you’re more likely than not to see tops, bras, and bottoms alike that feature cut outs and sheer material. This edgy and attractive trend is quickly taking hold of yogis everywhere, and we have to say that we enjoy the style quite a bit! Onzie does a great job highlighting this trend in their high-quality yoga apparel, from the intricate and feminine cutouts in the back of their Briana Bra to the sheer detailing on their Moto Midi leggings.

It seems that these fashion statements are here to stay in the world of yoga, so indulge in some of these flattering pieces to enhance your yoga wardrobe. But if you want to get clothes like these for up to 60% less than retail price, you need a subscription box from YogaClub. Our fitness subscription box is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest yoga wear trends, and you’ll discover new looks in your hand-curated yoga box. We know that you’ll love being the most stylish yogi in the studio!

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