Ribbing is no longer limited to the sweater and long underwear.With the textured but soft and fabric on the yoga sets it looks . It can make to different ranges, tank tops, sports bra,pants,and biker shorts. Match to variety designs like plain, or with some logo on, or with some print on. (Ribbed fabric 69% nylon 31% spandex) DETAILS ON RIBBER PRODUCT:     Made with soft and sweat-absorbent ribbed fabric, this kind of yoga pants have nice stitching with high quality sewing coats. AVAILABLE COLORS:     There are many colors for you to choose on the ribbed sportswear: bronze, copper brown, light ivory, ink blue and black. If you have your own favorite color, we also can customize for you as your request. READY TO SHIP:     Here are some ready to ship items you can choose. If you interested in the sports bra and yoga pants, we can offer you the low MOQ with 50 pieces and you can mix different colors and sizes in it. Furthermore, we also can customize your artwork if you do not like the colors and style.
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  •  Sportswear Made With Eco-Friendly Fabric
    Nov 05, 2020 Sportswear Made With Eco-Friendly Fabric
    The clothes industry has a complicating process system. From producing of the raw materials to stitching, packing, transporting etc, every step of it can cause the huge pollution. According to the United Nations forecast, if the global population reaches 8.5 billion by 2030, human consumption of the clothes fashion industry will surge from 62 million tons to 102 million tons. It means the increasing resource consumption and pollution emissions from the clothes industry may quickly catch up the petrochemical industry and become the first. As many studies show that the clothes industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and the raising of the environmental awareness, some sportswear brands begin to attach importance to the idea about sustainability. Normally, fitness apparel like gym wear, seamless wear, yoga wear is made with nylon spandex or spandex polyester etc. However, on account of the chemical treatment , these kind of fabric will cause some pollution in the process. In order to implement the concept of the sustainability, a material called Eco-friendly fabric is coming out. Recycled fabric is different from the traditional fabric. It is extraordinary that their production process has a low impact on the environment. Not only the producers come with the willingness to use the Eco-friendly fabric to fitness clothing, but also some customers prefer to choose the Eco-friendly active wear brands. More and more young customers regard “environmental protection” as one of the important indicators of brand favor-ability. Since the coronavirus pandemic breaks out globally, it has upended almost every aspect of our live. Coronavirus has made the trend of sustainability even more significant, as many people link up the factors between the climate crisis and the pandemic. Therefore, the sustainable bandwagon is star to roll. It is time for producers to make changes in sportswear.
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  • Athleisure trend come to your radar
    Aug 08, 2020 Athleisure trend come to your radar
    The subtle ways the coronavirus crisis may change how we dress The way we dress is closely pegged to how we live. As Covid-19 alters day-to-day life for millions, it may also leave its mark on the clothes we wear.   Athleisure trend come to your radar To start, the fact in working from home may spur even more dressing-down in the workforce. comfort becomes a greater priority for shoppers. Yoga pants and hoodies—aka athleisure—have become everyday fashion, even making their way into the office. As the Olympic Games is coming up, although it may postpone to next year, people aware the importance of doing sport. We believe that after this coronavirus crisis,the awareness will be more repested.   How wild it is when you stun in spandex sports bra & yoga Pants Kaia was photographed in West Hollywood on Monday – she was wearing spandex sports bra & yoga Pants. Yoga wear, activewear,sportswear—whatever you want to call them—they're here and they're happening. You can’t deny the trend that sportswear is spreading over the world.Since now, more fashion girls have followed suit with pretty yoga sets from one-piece dress. It doesn't have to be as scary to wear as you'd think. Just be wild!
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  • The Top 5 Yoga Wear Trends 201810
    Oct 29, 2018 The Top 5 Yoga Wear Trends 201810
    The Top 5 Yoga Wear Trends To Watch As a devoted yoga practitioner, you know that yoga wear can do more than help you move on the mat. Yoga wear can be seriously stylish, and cute yoga outfits look just as good at brunch as they do at the gym. If you want to stay looking your best in your yoga apparel, here are five trends you need to keep an eye on! Yoga Wear Trends: Yoga Leggings with Cell Phone Pockets This is a trend we can really get behind, because it just makes life easier! Having your phone with you is a necessity for any tech-savvy gal on the go, but where are we supposed to keep them in old school leggings? Well — have no fear — many yoga leggings now have a cell phone pocket built into them. This pocket can be sleek and discreet, yet secure enough to hold your device as you travel to and from class, eliminating the need for a gym bag if you want to roam footloose and fancy free! In line with this trend, we love the classic Manduka essential capri yoga leggings that feature not only four-way stretch for maximum flexibility, but also a convenient media pocket. Bright Colors and Bold Prints Everything's more fun with a pop of color, right? This yoga trend boasts loud colors and fun prints to spice up your yoga wardrobe and to really make a statement. Luckily, there are endless options out there to rise to this colorful occasion. One of our personal favorites is the astsw of the yoga tank top.Finally, you’d be hard-pressed to find prints bolder than that of the Om Shanti line - from bugs to unicorns to rainbow designs, they’re fun, exciting, and highly desirable. Crop Top Bras Another fabulous trend that we’re currently loving in the world of yoga wear is crop top bras. These are not only a great fashion statement, but they’re a comfortable and practical piece to practice yoga in. These offer full coverage and come in a wide variety of colors and prints. One in line with this trend that we’re obsessed with is the Soybu Sol bra, which has a flattering design and functional features, such as adjustable and removable straps. Shredded Tops and Bottoms While you may not think of “shredded” clothing as something you’d want to buy, it is definitely a huge trend right now that makes quite the statement. From leggings to sweatshirts, messy cut outs are all the rage in yoga style. This trend started in late 2016, and it’s been too hot to ignore ever since then —  and we don’t see an end in sight! Jala’s Groove leggings are simple yet fashionable, and they totally spurred the trend! Cut outs and Sheer Fabric Speaking of cut outs, when you’re shopping all of the top yoga brands, you’re more likely than not to see tops, bras, and bottoms alike that feature cut outs and sheer material. This edgy and attractive trend is quickly taking hold of yogis everywhere, and we have to say that we enjoy the style quite a bit! Onzie does a great job highlighting this trend in their high-quality yoga apparel, from the intricate and feminine cutouts in the back o...
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  • Good review for yoga leggings yoga pants from our clients
    Oct 27, 2018 Good review for yoga leggings yoga pants from our clients
    Good review for yoga leggings yoga pants from our clients Good review for yoga leggings yoga pants from our clients These days received some good review from our clients. For the yoga pants sports leggings sports tights we could offer OEM ODM service. ASTSW policy is to offer high quality workout tights for clients to let them boost the business to give excellent product to the end-users.
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  • 5 Fashion Trends In Yoga and Fitness Yoga Clothing We’re Loving For 2018!
    Oct 03, 2018 5 Fashion Trends In Yoga and Fitness Yoga Clothing We’re Loving For 2018!
    Fashion trends are bringing a lot of exciting new designs and twists to classic looks in the yoga and activewear world this year! As brands continue rolling out their newest lines and seasonal looks, we’re taking note.There are several key features and styles that you’re going to see – and fall in love with – this year.From multi-functional outerwear to muted colors, athleisure accents, and dance-inspired details, there's a lot to love about the 2018 fashion trends in yoga and activewear! There are some fitness yoga clothing have super hot looks, sassy styles, and twists on the classics we all love. While there are many fashion trends swirling around, we’ve selected our five favorite trends and the brands we love that are leading the way. 1. Dance-Inspired Activewear Ballet is making a comeback in the yoga and activewear fashion world, and we are loving it! From long-sleeved crop tops with plunging necklines and sexy open backs, to ankle ties and wrap sweaters, the dancer look is IN! 2. Matching Solid Colors Matching your top and bottom in a solid color is all the rage this year. Think solid neutral or primary colors like red, black, blue, and green. 3. High Slit Palazzo Pants Everyone loves a flattering fit, and high slit palazzo pants look stunning on any body type. These gorgeous flowing yoga pants are a hybrid of palazzo pants and boho pants. The high slits on the side are perfect for your next yoga photo opp! 4. Leotard Love Last year, onesies were ALL the rage. And while they’re definitely still on trend, their evolution into leotards (ie short onesies) are the fashion trend of 2018. Leotards are form-flattering and body contouring – also great for staying in place while you work out! 5. Velour Joggers Velour is back and it’s hot! Joggers have been trending for a while now, but the new twist on this classic trend is the velour fabric. This fashion trend look is stylish and fun. You can pair these joggers with your favorite sports bra or pullover for the ultimate sporty spice look.
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