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Aug 08, 2020

The subtle ways the coronavirus crisis may change how we dress

The way we dress is closely pegged to how we live. As Covid-19 alters day-to-day life for millions, it may also leave its mark on the clothes we wear.

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Athleisure trendcometo your radar

To start, the fact in working from home may spur even more dressing-down in the workforce. comfort becomes a greater priority for shoppers. Yoga pants and hoodies—aka athleisure—have become everyday fashion, even making their way into the office.

As the Olympic Games is coming up, although it may postpone to next year, people aware the importance of doing sport. We believe that after this coronavirus crisis,the awareness will be more repested.

How wild it is when you stun in spandex sports bra & yoga Pants

Kaia was photographed in West Hollywood on Monday – she was wearing spandex sports bra & yoga Pants. Yoga wear, activewear,sportswear—whatever you want to call them—they're here and they're happening.

You can’t deny the trend that sportswear is spreading over the world.Since now, more fashion girls have suit with pretty yoga sets from one-piece dress.

It doesn't have to be as scary to wear as you'd think. Just be wild!

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