5 Fashion Trends In Yoga and Fitness Yoga Clothing We’re Loving For 2018!
Oct 03, 2018

Fashion trends are bringing a lot of exciting new designs and twists to classic looks in the yoga and activewear world this year! As brands continue rolling out their newest lines and seasonal looks, we’re taking note.There are several key features and styles that you’re going to see – and fall in love with – this year.From multi-functional outerwear to muted colors, athleisure accents, and dance-inspired details, there's a lot to love about the 2018 fashion trends in yoga and activewear!

There are some fitness yoga clothing have super hot looks, sassy styles, and twists on the classics we all love. While there are many fashion trends swirling around, we’ve selected our five favorite trends and the brands we love that are leading the way.

1. Dance-Inspired Activewear
Ballet is making a comeback in the yoga and activewear fashion world, and we are loving it! From long-sleeved crop tops with plunging necklines and sexy open backs, to ankle ties and wrap sweaters, the dancer look is IN!

2. Matching Solid Colors

Matching your top and bottom in a solid color is all the rage this year. Think solid neutral or primary colors like red, black, blue, and green.

3. High Slit Palazzo Pants
Everyone loves a flattering fit, and high slit palazzo pants look stunning on any body type. These gorgeous flowing yoga pants are a hybrid of palazzo pants and boho pants. The high slits on the side are perfect for your next yoga photo opp!

4. Leotard Love
Last year, onesies were ALL the rage. And while they’re definitely still on trend, their evolution into leotards (ie short onesies) are the fashion trend of 2018. Leotards are form-flattering and body contouring – also great for staying in place while you work out!

5. Velour Joggers

Velour is back and it’s hot! Joggers have been trending for a while now, but the new twist on this classic trend is the velour fabric. This fashion trend look is stylish and fun. You can pair these joggers with your favorite sports bra or pullover for the ultimate sporty spice look.

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