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Nov 05, 2020

The clothes industry has a complicating process system. From producing of the raw materials to stitching, packing, transporting etc, every step of it can cause the huge pollution. According to the United Nations forecast, if the global population reaches 8.5 billion by 2030, human consumption of the clothes fashion industry will surge from 62 million tons to 102 million tons. It means the increasing resource consumption and pollution emissions from the clothes industry may quickly catch up the petrochemical industry and become the first.

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As many studies show that the clothes industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and the raising of the environmental awareness, some sportswear brands begin to attach importance to the idea about sustainability. Normally, fitness apparel like gym wear, seamless wear, yoga wear is made with nylon spandex or spandex polyester etc. However, on account of the chemical treatment , these kind of fabric will cause some pollution in the process. In order to implement the concept of the sustainability, a material called Eco-friendly fabric is coming out. Recycled fabric is different from the traditional fabric. It is extraordinary that their production process has a low impacton the environment.

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Not only the producers come with the willingness to use theEco-friendly fabrictofitness clothing,but also some customers prefer to choose theEco-friendly active wearbrands. More and more young customers regard “environmental protection” as one of the important indicators of brand favor-ability. Since the coronavirus pandemic breaks out globally, it has upended almost every aspect of our live. Coronavirus has made the trend of sustainability even more significant, as many people link up the factors between the climate crisis and the pandemic. Therefore, the sustainable bandwagon is star to roll. It is time for producers to make changes in sportswear.

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