An Enthusiastic Journey----Rampage Training Camp
Dec 08, 2020

On December 5th, our company participated in a super cool journey that called Rampage Training Camp. With long nerve-racking day on job, this kind of training camp bring us a freed and enthusiastic feeling. The instructor of rampage training camp designed a range of activities and games in our team building programs. We need to participate and formulate strategies to win the games. What the aim in the journey was facilitating our team work spirit, build trust and team synergy competition and cooperation in our mission games.

The each moment of perceiving, feeling and thinking bring everyone their unique impression in the camp training . From strange to familiar, from bland to passionate, from repulsive to touched, this journey not merely a camp training, but a way to get each other close, a bridge of communication of souls.

Funny Games:

Camp-Fire Party:

      That wonder pictures of it locked in a colorful autumn. One the road ahead,  we will also hand in hand advantage together, make progress together.

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